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Auto Winter Checklist: By Jaguar Repair Shops


While safety is an important consideration all year long, there are certainly special auto maintenance jobs and safety check designed specifically for the chilled air and winter driving. Jaguar repair shops highly recommend to take a good look into your vehicle before you’re knee deep in the season, to avoid jaguar Popsicle parts. See how they do it.

  • Be winter specific:  the freezing temperature, salted roads and the wintery precipitation can gang up on your car if you don’t give it a heads up on its upcoming encounter. First check your anti-freeze, it is required to have a 50/50 proportion of water and antifreeze mixture to maintain your vehicle’s winter protection. However, before that, you must have a radiator flush to eliminate the autumn and spring residues. Second is to inspect your tires, the common reason for accidents during the cold season is the wrong choice of tires. Winter is not the time to be cheap about your tires because you and your family’s life is at risk. Jaguar repair shops recommend you to check the tread depth of your tires; a tire depth that is less than 4/32” is a sign of the need to change. Third is to replace your wipers, snow and muck are not as easy to wipe off like water so it is best to keep a good set of wipers.  Ask your favorite Jaguar Repair shop about it and see what they have to offer.
  • Make repairs as soon as possible: problems such as dirty battery posts, faulty spark plug wires and brakes, and frozen engine oil are some of the most common problems Jaguar Repair shops get during the coldest season. And Jaguar Repair Shops deal with such problems as easy as one, two, three; One: starting problems are a bummer anytime, so treating your battery posts regularly to avoid electrical gremlins at bay is best. Two: Spark plug inspections, cracked up plug wires are the worst enemy of gas mileage; making sure that these are in top shape can help you save much on gas and expensive replacements. Three: oil change! You may be annoyed by the phrase but Jaguar repair shops emphasize the need for you to be aware of its effect.

If you want to avoid getting your vehicle to the Jaguar repair shop; these easy steps will then save you from the hassle.


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What A Jaguar Repair Shop Should Offer You


A Jaguar may be your prized possession but if you don’t care for it the right way, it will be more of a hassle. Jaguars are just like any other vehicles. They need proper maintenance and repairs if needed. If there are parts that need replacing, you need to get the right parts for it. If you want to guarantee your Jaguar’s good condition and performance, you must find a Tampa, FL Jaguar repair shop to help you.

Jaguar repair and services shop should be able to cover repairs for different Jaguar models. Although it is a lot easier to find an auto repair shop that can repair different brands of cars, your best bet is going to a Jaguar repair shop because of their specialty.

The technicians should be experienced and knowledgeable about Jaguar parts and car models. They should offer a wide range of services from auto electrical work, diagnostics, servicing, maintenance and repairs. A good Jaguar repair and services shop should charge at competitive prices. Fixing Jaguars doesn’t mean they can charge you a premium for that. But, do expect to pay a little more for these specialty repair shops.

Jaguars are prestige cars, which means that it requires high level maintenance. You will need the help of the experts on this one to make sure that your Jaguar will run at optimum level and performance. A Jaguar repair shop can tell you the approved oils and parts that you can use on your precious car. If you just go anywhere else, there’s the risk of using parts and fluids that aren’t good for Jaguars, simply because the auto technicians lack the knowledge.

In terms of servicing, the Jaguar repair and services shop will follow a list of things to check in your car. This list is quite comprehensive to assure that the technicians will not miss a thing. A specialty Jaguar repair shop also uses the latest equipment to diagnose problems quickly.

Now, don’t be too quick to agree on anything when you bring your car to the Jaguar repair and services shop. You should only agree to pay for the services you need. The technicians might tell you that you need this and that, when you really don’t. It can be a challenge to find honest auto repair shops but it is possible. Also, you must know your car well enough too. Don’t pay for any service or extra work that you didn’t agree on.



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Jaguar Repair and Services 101: Transmission Problems

Jaguar is one of the car brands included in last year’s list of “Cars That Will Make You Look Cool.” Driving in a Jaguar is indeed of the coolest thing a person has to do. Experiencing a car breakdown in a Jaguar, however, is a different story. One of the most common causes of car problems is broken Jaguar transmission mechanisms.

Common Jaguar Transmission Problems

Jaguar transmission problems are considered one of the most common issues shared by owners of older models of Jaguar. Problems with shifter sticker are one of the more popular complaints on Jaguar transmission. Transmission may shift to first gear automatically, but the rest you have to do manually. Other Jaguar transmission problems include waiting for a few seconds after shifting before the transmission engages into reverse, as well as transmission slippage.

Jaguar repair and services experts believe that these problems are caused by the shift solenoid. But some say it is caused by a faulty brake switch. Whatever you think the reason might be, it is important that you bring your car to an authorized Jaguar repair shop for proper diagnosis.

Choosing a Jaguar Repair Shop

Average shops might not be able to handle the needs of your Jaguar so it is best to head directly to a Jaguar repair shop as soon as you start experiencing problems with your car. With a Jaguar repair shop, you can rest assured that the quality of Jaguar repair and services are top notch.

  • Jaguar Diagnostics

Diagnostics is vital before doing any repairs. You need to know exactly what is going on before trying to fix it. Shops that specialize on Jaguar repair and services are equipped with proper diagnosis equipment.

  • Authentic Jaguar Car Parts

Only shops that specialize in Jaguar repair and services have original Jaguar car parts. Jaguar parts are a bit pricey so some Jaguar repair shops have stocks of used Jaguar parts. Used Jaguar parts are recommended over generic parts when it comes to Jaguar transmission repair.

  • Fast Service

Who would want to be away from a cool car? While you don’t want to rush your Jaguar repair, you don’t want to have to wait days or weeks just to get your car back. Fast service is necessary to avoid disrupting routines in your life. Jaguar repair shops normally have plenty of space to accommodate vehicles (since they only take in a specific brand compared with average repair shops.) You will have your car in sooner than you thought.

Langston’s Used Jaguar Parts
8221 US Highway 301 North, Tampa, Florida 33637

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