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Massage Therapy: The Relaxing Trend This Season


Massage therapy is not just for luxury or relaxation. Many people come to the massage therapy unsure what to expect. Some take massage therapy as a traumatic experience even with the knowledge of the widespread use of therapeutic massage, especially for those who are not sure how to take an active role in getting the most out of the massage therapy.

What are the preparations for Massage Therapy?

  • The main reason for the procedure is for you to stay calm; so best to prepare to RELAX. The more relaxed and confident you are before coming in the massage unit, the deeper the relaxation you are to experience. If you are getting treated for an injury, the faster and less pain you will experience while the treatment is ongoing. A warm shower will help you take off the stress or tension in your body and add comfort to both the client and the therapist. It is prohibited for you to wear makeup or excessive perfume before the massage therapy. Another is to set up the mood by picking out a good playlist of your favorite relaxing music such as jazz or ballad to keep you at ease for the whole session. Eating too much will make you feel uncomfortable during the massage therapy because there is a possibility for the therapist to be manipulating the parts of your abdomen to enhance your metabolism; but never come in hungry.

How can you maximize your massage therapy?

  • The therapist does not need much help in the procedure so all you have to do is to keep calm and relax. If you find yourself worried about the therapist lifting your heavy arms and legs; then worry no more because the more passive you are during the procedure, the lighter your body becomes. Reward yourself with a little cup of tea or a warm beverage after the massage therapy to keep your muscles relaxed. Never crave for something frozen like shakes or ice cream because it will contract your muscles; plus, a hot tea would help flush out toxins

Massage therapy is almost like a passive form of exercise. Cleansing and detoxifying are the best benefits it could offer. Try promoting a healthy Christmas and a New Year by giving a simple Gift certificate that contains a lot of benefits.


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Massage Gift Certificates: Perfect Giveaways for the Holidays


It is the season of gift-giving again. Some of you may be stretching your mind to think of unique and affordable gift ideas for your loved ones. Don’t stress out. Gifts are never about the price. Remember the saying “it’s the thought that counts?” It still pretty much works these days. So instead of thinking about material things, why not give your loved ones massage gift certificates and let them experience the gift of wellness?

Massage gift certificates are basically gift certificates that entitle the holder to free massage therapy services. The scope of the services depends on the value of the massage gift certificates. Services can be combinations of massage treatments, gratuity, and other products or services of the massage clinic.

The Gift of Wellness through Massage Treatments

One massage treatment that you may want your loved ones to experience through their gift certificates is the Deep Tissue Massage. This type of therapeutic massage focuses on reaching the deeper layers of muscles that normally store supplies of lactic acid. Lactic acid causes tense, tight, and stiff muscles which give us that sore feeling. Break the supply of lactic acid and you will experience that relaxing feeling you have been longing for.

Benefits of Massage

Not all people will be delighted once they see that you gave them massage gift certificates as Christmas gifts. But they will eventually see your concern once they feel the following massage benefits:

  • Pain relief from chronic muscle tension
  • Improved posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased blood flow to muscle groups
  • Decreased adhesions and scar tissues

If you have a family member who constantly complains about stiff necks, backaches, arm pain, hand pain, shoulder pain, and other body pains, introducing this form of massage therapy might be of great help. This may be the Christmas that he or she will never forget.

This Christmas, veer away from traditional materialistic gifts. Remember, getting the most out of life begins not with being rich, but with being well and healthy. Start spreading wellness today by giving out massage gift certificates as a treat this holiday season.


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The Perfect Holiday Gift: Massage Gift Certificate



This Christmas season, welcome the holidays with a treat to relax and pamper your loved ones. Whether it is your parents, siblings, cousins, close friends or colleagues, giving a massage gift certificate should make them smile from ear to ear. Take note, you can give this gift to men too, they love massages as well.

A massage gift certificate is a great Christmas present because you get value for the price. You can get these GCs for a discounted price, which is something that most companies will offer during special events. The great thing about this kind of gift is that you can give it to anyone else. Even if it’s not the holidays, you can pick this as a gift to give a friend on her birthday, a congratulatory gift, a wedding gift or even serve as raffle prizes for small events.

This is the time of the year to rekindle friendships, relationships and family ties. Use the massage gift certificate to bond with your loved ones. Even if you don’t want to go to the place itself, ask if they have home service so everyone can feel comfortable getting the service at home. They can bring portable tables, therapy oils and other things to ensure you have a great experience.

If this is a time you want to spend with your lover, present him or her with a massage gift certificate for couples. Couple massages are an ideal way to bond as you can relax together. If this has been a habit of yours, why not try different types of massages this time? There are hot stone massages, body wraps with massages and other types of services that will merit a new experience for the both of you.

Undeniably, a present like this will be highly valued and appreciated. The truth is, many people yearn for massages and any other form of relaxation. But somehow, they don’t get to do it. All it takes is a little push for them to do it and your present will surely do this for them. For some reason, there are people who don’t want to spend outright money on this service unless encouraged. But for sure, once they use your GC, they’ll keep coming back for more.

It’s almost the end of the year and it’s time to release all those pent up stress inside you. Getting the service with someone is a more memorable experience than doing it alone. Destress with loved ones and welcome the new year with positivity.


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The Best Aromatherapy Massage Oils for Different Feelings


Stress can be felt everyday and the best way to combat the ill effects of stress is to go for an aromatherapy massage. The procedure itself will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Such soothing feelings are achieved with the help of aroma oils or scents that brings about different feelings. Also, these oils help relieve some pains, aches and common discomforts.

Aromatherapy massage offers you a sensation unlike any other. With the fresh aromas refreshing your mind and body, you can kiss your stressful day goodbye. What makes these aroma oils special is the special therapeutic formulation. These oils aren’t just mixed for the purpose of the relaxing scent. It is actually made of different herbs that target specific ailments of the body. Hence, it’s not just for relaxation, it aids in healing the body too.

Some of the most common ailments that aromatherapy massage helps with include headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, cold, flu, cramps, muscle spasms, depression, swelling, motion sickness, digestion problems, fever and many more. But what exactly are the aroma oils used during the massage to soothe and calm the mind and body?

Lavender is a huge favorite. It helps in relieving muscle spasms and menstrual cramps. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and relieves depression.

Chamomile is another scent that people love. It helps reduce swelling and relieves insomnia, depression and stress.

Eucalyptus is one of the most therapeutic scents of all. It is also one of the oils that promotes healing. It helps reduce fever, boils and pimples. Further, it helps relieve cough and sinus pain.

Peppermint is just as relaxing as Eucalyptus and Lavender. Because of its therapeutic scent, it helps people experiencing motion sickness, muscle pains and congested chests. Moreover, peppermint oil stimulates both the mind and the body.

Rosemary is another scent used in aromatherapy but not as popular as the ones above. It helps improve concentration, reduces indigestion and wards off infections.

Nutmeg has its own fans as well. Nutmeg is best for people with sleeping and digestion problems.

These aromatherapy oils can be used in two main ways to promote health and wellness. First, you can choose to inhale the oil vapors. Direct inhalation stimulates the brain. The other way is through skin application. Through this method, the oil is absorbed in the blood stream.

The use of aroma oils or scents in aromatherapy great for mental wellness and physical health. So if you’re looking for the best way to get rid of stress and its effects, go to your local Carrollwood, FL massage salon and experience aromatherapy regularly.

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Give a warm gift of wellness this Christmas season!


Don’t stress yourself out with rushing to jam-packed shopping malls to grab gifts for your family and friends. This Christmas, ease your way out of long lines to the cash register for we all agree that your time is more wisely spent with your loved ones in the relaxed comfort of a spa than in a crowded marketplace.

Celebrate this season of love and cheer by spreading the gift of health to your family and friends. Doctors say that touch treatments can relieve stress and, at the same time, boost the immune system.  So in a way, treating those who are close to you to a day at the massage clinic is an ingenious way of expressing how much you care for them.

Let your heart be light as you promote wellness in others when you share the experience of a spa date at the Massage Envy Lutz. Our deals will look good and feel good on anybody’s wish list!

Rejuvenate family bonds.  Who says that a treating the whole family to luxurious massage should pinch your wallet? Well, at Massage Envy Lutz the more family members you bring, the more you save on group deals. With a Massage Envy membership, family members can join Massage Envy at a discounted monthly rate.

Share special privileges with a pal. Upon membership, you automatically qualify to share the benefits of a massage therapy to your friends at a discounted rate with our “Be Our Guest” passes. Or, you may share one membership massage per month with a friend or family member for a transfer fee of just $10 per massage.

An early Christmas bonus. By inspiring a friend to also become a member, you are entitled to a free one-hour massage session. This premium is available within your first 30 days of membership; afterwards you will receive a half -hour upgrade for every friend referred to the clinic.

Let our qualified therapists help you unwind the worries of this passing year, so you can focus on what truly matters− creating deep connections with important persons in your life.

Ask Massage Envy Spa in Carrrolwood, Florida to request an appointment today.


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Safe Oils and Candles for Massage Therapy


More and more clients appreciate the benefits of massage therapy. Aging hastens as people get exposed to a lot of stress factors especially those living an unhealthy lifestyle. Overwork, less exercise, and unhealthy diet are the three killers of today’s youth. Massage therapy plays a huge role in keeping all those out of the system and enhance inner peace as a motivation; plus, with the help of healthy scented oils and candles, the more relaxing it becomes.

Your senses are the strongest tied to the brain; when rich aromas are introduced, they become the next reasons why massage therapies are of great relaxation. However, there are a few things you have to consider for a safer therapy. First is to watch out for any petroleum by- products. Never hesitate to ask your massage therapist whether he/she is using paraffin wax candles; oil refining residues are just as dangerous as inhaling factory fumes. Second is by considering candles that do not pollute indoor air. The heady scent doesn’t actually provide relaxation, it burns out toxic fumes that include toluene and benzene, which can suffocate clients. These compounds are closely related to cancer and neurological damage. Plus, some candle wicks are made of lead that also give the same health results.

You can avoid all these health hazards by following some of the go-green tips in massage therapy. Massage oils that are used should be all natural and non-pore clogging to be able to avoid skin irritations as well. For candles, it is good to look for pure essential oils-based or vegetable-based candles such as soy candles and beeswax. Soy candles brag about its all natural and non-polluting components; plus, it burns longer than any other scented candles. Another is beeswax that has its sweet, cleansing honey scent that does not only provide relaxation but also keeps indoor and outdoor allergens out of the way.

Natural scented candles are great for skin moisture as they burn only 2 degrees above the body temperature and releases natural vitamin E and lecithin while it burns. So what else would you ask for? Treat yourself without worrying about its effects.


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Massage and Deep Muscle Therapy: The Combination to Knock Out Stress


The stress brought by our workload can become too overbearing. When it begins to take its toll on our bodies, we might be forced to rest and stay at home for a few days. This is not an option especially for those who are in tough times and who badly need money. So what should we do in order to get rid of stress before it gets rid of us?

Massage therapy is the most popular treatment that people seek for stress relief, as well as body pain management. Studies have shown how massage can get rid of tension that builds up when muscles are overused.

There is however, another massage service that can do wonders to tired and aching muscles. A popular massage spa in the country offers this service as an upgrade to their regular massage therapy session. This service is called deep muscle therapy.

Deep muscle therapy is a concentrated massage therapy that targets deep muscle pain through the use of warming and cooling thermal treatments after a customized full body massage. It is known to provide deep muscle pain relief from various injuries and other chronic conditions, as well as decrease inflammation, and increase blood circulation to different muscular tissues. Individuals who are recommended for this type of massage add-on service are those who suffer from chronic pain and limited mobility due to athletic training, repetitive movements, and muscle overuse.

There are three different areas targeted by this massage spa service. These are:

  1. Legs and Feet – Deep muscle therapy is good for overworked legs and feet. It relieves pain caused by plantar fasciitis, as well as chronic ankle and knee injuries.
  2. Back and Neck – Deep muscle therapy can provide relief for chronic back and neck pain. It relieves the overuse of muscle in these areas from physical work and other activities.
  3. Hands and Arms – Especially recommended for overworked hands and arms, deep muscle therapy relieves pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and shoulder joint injuries.

Deep muscle therapy uses the following elements for a successful massage spa treatment:

  1. Warming towel compression – This helps relax sore and tensed muscles.
  2. Therapeutic warming ointment – This gives the receiver of massage a warm sensation. The therapist, on the other hand, can glide into deeper muscle groups and do the necessary work without having to worry about skin friction.
  3. Cooling gel – This one releases tension, decreases pain, and invigorates muscles. Cooling gels ready the muscles for another round of use.



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