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Why You Should Opt for A Public Storage Unit


Ever experienced anxiety when buying something because you are thinking of where to put it in your home? You are not alone.

Most homeowners in Jacksonville, FL often have bouts of anxiety when purchasing new home furnishings or even personal stuff because they lack home storage spaces. As you very well know, ample home storage is important to have a spacious and clutter-free home. But does having a little home storage space tantamount to saying that your home will never be spacious and clutter-free? Fortunately, the answer is NO.

Thanks to public storage services, homeowners in Jacksonville, FL have been de-cluttering their households. Public storage facilities act as mini warehouses that are rented out to people who have tons of possessions but who unfortunately lack home storage spaces.

Public storage services are increasingly becoming popular not only in Jacksonville, FL but in the whole of Florida and United States. In fact, at least one out of ten families in the US are known to lease a public storage unit. Public storage offers units that you can use whether you want to place belongings that you do not use on an everyday basis like seasonal home decorations and old personal stuff or store highly valuable commodities that are of great threat to be stolen at your home.

There are four main factors that you should take into consideration before choosing a public storage facility. These are location, size, security features, and insurance.


Location should be the first factor you should think of when looking for public storage facilities. You certainly want your belongings to be as close to you as possible so that you can check on them anytime you want to. There are a lot of public storage facilities in Jacksonville, FL. Choose one that is as close to you as possible.


But while you want to choose a public storage unit nearest you, you also need to think about its size and whether this size is enough for all the things you want to store. When it comes to storage spaces, size definitely matters. Choosing one relatively high priced larger storage space over two or three cheaper but smaller storage spaces may prove to be more cost efficient in the long run.

Security Features

Most public storage facilities offer strict security rules and regulations in their facilities. These facilities do not even let their employees go inside storage units unless the tenants are evicted due to non-payment of rent. Still, you may want to go over the security features of the facility you are eyeing for more “security”.

Insurance and Guarantees

It is wise for you to insure everything that you put in a public storage facility. Most public storage facilities in Jacksonville, FL do not offer insurances BUT they have contacts in the insurance industry. You may want to discuss this with your storage space broker or choose an insurance agency on your own.


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Why Do People Use Storage Solutions in Pembroke Pines, FL?

Is your home or garage starting to get cluttered? A messy house and garage can really affect the whole look and feel of your home. You must do something about it and we’re not talking about simply throwing your stuff away. There must be a good reason why you decided to keep these things anyway so why not rent a residential storage to store your things?

Storage solutions in Pembroke Pines, FL are made for different purposes, it’s not just storing your stuff at home. You can also use the public storage to store commercial products and items. A commercial storage is a great way to keep commercial products that won’t fit in the office anymore. Rather than renting extra office space, renting a storage container is more economical. Here are some of the other things that you can use a self-storage unit for:

  • Do you have a band and practice in the garage? Your neighbors in Pembroke Pines, FL are probably starting to hate you already. Rent a residential storage unit where you can not only practice inside it, but you can also store all your instruments and equipment there. This way, no one could care less if you rock the night away.
  • Do you operate a home-based business and lack space for storing your items? You can rent a commercial storage unit to keep your inventory. This is a better solution compared to just keeping your inventory at home. If there’s extra space inside the public storage unit, you can also use it as your packing and shipping post. A great way to keep your business organized and your home clutter-free, isn’t it?
  • Is your office too small already? You can use a commercial storage unit in Pembroke Pines, FL to set up your office’s extension. This public storage unit is quite easy to set up. Simply put a chair, office desk, a computer, file cabinets and wireless connection and you’re good to know. If you do plan on doing this, make sure the commercial storage unit has an electrical outlet.
  • Do you run a business that requires the use of equipment? A good example is a pool cleaning service or lawn mowing services. Instead of keeping all the equipment inside your home, rent a residential storage unit to store all of it. It’s an affordable way of protecting your equipment plus making sure that your garage is organized and neat.

There are plenty more ways that you can use a public storage container in Pembroke Pines, FL. However, you must run it by the facility or service provider to make sure they will allow what you want to do with the residential storage unit.

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