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Climate Controlled Self-Storage: The Winter Mess Solution


Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own homes and garages can provide. Self- storage companies offer a number of different options; including the best of what they can give, climate controlled units that is best in keeping items safe especially during this season.

Climate controlled self- storage may vary significantly depending on the storage unit company. However, it is common for units have a temperature that doesn’t fall below freezing in the winter season or rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. This is to ensure that you are to be informed of the right ways and features to maintain your items’ quality. A major advantage of having climate controlled self-storage is the protection from environmental elements such as snow, rain and the extreme UV rays. Self- storage are usually built above flood level and the roofs are sealed to avoid penetration of such elements. This is actually good news for antique collectors and stacking of musical instruments.

The atmospheric regulation is highly needed in a self-storage unit. When dry air changes into humid, most wood-based furniture pieces are prone to cracks, split and warping through the freezing and thawing cycle. Some self-storage facilities make use of the indirect heating and cooling system to maintain air temperature rather than individual heaters or ACs on each unit. Now that a lot of self- storage facilities build storage units indoors, there is a lesser chance of outside vermin and pests infiltrating the items; plus, a dry and well-conditioned self-storage unit is less prone to invasion of pests.

Many renters believe that getting a self-storage unit gives them peace of mind and preserves the family’s precious heirlooms, antiques and other valuable items that may not survive when stacked in the garage since the value of antiques diminish quickly based on “storage issues.” With climate controlled self-storage units, the possibility damage can be reduced and will be worth the extra expense if you plan on storing your family items for the next generation.

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What Can Hi-Tech Self Storage Units Offer?

Hey! Self storage units or facilities are not like what they were anymore. These aren’t just old and big warehouses anymore that you can keep your stuff in. Today, storage facilities have become hi-tech too. Why? Primarily because they want to offer quality services to their customers. And if they can provide tech savvy features, they’ll gain more customers and earn more revenue.


If you’re thinking of renting a self storage unit anytime soon, pick one with advanced features. You will pay more for these features but what you get in return is more security and accessibility. So, what are these features that you should look out for?

  • Mobile Website– A self storage unit with a mobile website shows that they are really concerned with the convenience of their clients. In today’s world, everyone is going mobile. The mobile website should provide enough information about the service as well as customer support. This is should be a go-to place for information.
  • Advanced Security System– The security system is very important when picking out a self storage facility particularly if you’re keeping a good number of very valuable possessions in it. You are trusting them with your valuables but in return, they should earn your trust too. The facility should show and explain how comprehensive their security system is to guarantee the safety and protection of your goods.
  • Online Support– Part of good customer service is to offer an online management tool for customers. This means that the facility is providing 24/7 service. Customers who need to check on something or inquire in the dead of the night will still be entertained and customers like this.
  • Mobile Payment– Adding to the importance of mobility, storage facilities should also offer mobile payment to their services as customer prefer to pay this way already. People are so busy that it is much more convenient to make online or mobile payments for their storage rentals.


Technologically savvy storage facilities is not really new. Companies are competing for customers so no one wants to get left behind. So, you do have some work cut out for you when making a decision on which facility to pick. Nevertheless, always consider the features and the costs. Also, pick one that is closer to your place for easy access to your storage unit.

Don’t hesitate to pay more for quality services and high-tech features. If these things will protect your valuable possessions, consider it as a worthwhile investment.



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Self-Storage Facility: Under the Lens


Self-storage is a huge hit in the market due to upgrades on their services and facilities. Your decisions in picking a self-storage facility will depend on your budget, their offers and the length of stay.

There are things that can help you reduce stressful events in picking a self-storage facility. here are some simple tips that can help you with your storage problems:

  • It is best to look at the cleanliness, accessibility, security systems and staff. It is best that you pay for a place where you are at ease and sure that your valuables are safely tucked in their facility than spending for something cheaper but bothers you all day and night.
  • Most self-storage facilities are not transparent in contracts, payments and other settlements. It is best that you are knowledgeable of the validity of the self-storage contract and request for a month-to-month contract signing.
  • Never be afraid of asking questions about late payments and penalties. This will lessen the “surprises” with the bills that you will be receiving. Make sure to read and understand the agreement.
  • Accessibility is one problem most clients encounter in a self-storage facility. Some self-storage limit their access hours and some are open 24 hours. Always keep an emergency hotline in case you need a self – storage facility. Also, check for payment drop offs in case office hours are not parallel to yours.
  • Security systems should be the number one facility to consider in self-storage. The more advanced the security system is, the better. Outside units should be gated and should be coded. Also, security personnels should do regular rounds and security inspection as often as possible.
  • Always have a parasite check in your unit. Make sure that they fumigate each unit every after use or as needed to make sure that the self-storage is free of rodents, roaches and termites.
  • The length of stay in the self-storage is important in terms of bills and settlements. Keep in mind that the manager should be able to offer more than an option is storing your goods. These extras will win clients as well as keeping them assured of the quality of service.
  • Finally, every penny counts so self-storage facilities should offer the right services for the right money.

Make sure that your valuable are okay, and by all means, relax knowing that your things are in good capable hands.


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The Importance of Self Storage Units to Modern Day Living


Even if it is hard to admit, people nowadays are consuming more and more material things. Homes have been cramped with tons of different merchandise: clothing, footwear, gadgets, appliances, furniture, and lots of other things. These items accumulate and fill the limited secure storage of one’s home.

Indeed, the limited size of one’s secure storage at home hampers one’s capability of buying more things for one’s self. And because we cannot say no to the phenomena of buying due to the dominant culture of consumerism, we address this limitation of secure storage by eliminating our old stuff. We do this either by donating them in relief operations and charitable institutions or selling them in a garage sale. Sometimes, we simply throw these things out of our homes and out of our lives just to clear up some secure storage space. But what happens if we cannot let go of certain things due to sentimental value and fond memories? The solution: self storage units.

Nowadays, renting self storage units have become a necessity for modern day living. Because the number of people does not necessarily match the amount of available land or space for building up homes, people find it necessary to rent units in storage facilities. Storage companies have since been giving people the service of watching their belongings placed in self storage units in exchange for rents.

ImageA lot of people have been very thankful for the advent of these self storage units. They do not need to let go of their valuables just because of their crammed home secure storage. Units in storage facilities are also perfect for storing those seasonal home decorations. Halloween interior design items as well as home decorations used for the Christmas season, Valentines, Thanksgiving, and other holidays can be kept safe and sound in these for rent self storage units.

The rental period of these units depends on the contract agreed upon by the client and the management of the storage facilities. Some companies offer self storage rental to be paid monthly, while others rent out self storage units on a yearly basis. Whatever the time frame of the contract is, most storage facilities make sure that their terms and conditions are clear to their customer before opening up any of their self storage units.

If you are interested in renting a self storage unit for yourself, contact a storage facility in your area.



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Self- storage: A Guide for First Timers

Getting a storage unit is the best idea when you are having problems with your properties occupying too much space. Self- storage is a facility provided so you can have extra furniture, appliances and other personal items stored safely away from home. Take time to read and take down notes in picking a storage unit.

  • Climate Control– exposure to extreme temperatures can cause damage to your items. A self-storage with no climate control is not worth getting. If your items are exposed to extreme heat, your furniture are in trouble as they are susceptible to damage and distortions. When items are stored in extremely cold storage units, expect moisture to accumulate and say hello to molds and breakage. These are not safe for furnished materials, linens, electronics, and wooden stuff, etc.
  • Right Size– getting the right size of storage unit for items can help you save up on your money. Never cram your stuff in a small storage unit because it causes damage and wastes time and money. Search for a self- storage that can help you choose the perfect fit for your stuff.
  •  Storing and packing– boxes are the best choice in organizing your items in one place. Aside from keeping it dust free, it preserves the quality of the items. Storage units can be a bit confusing, that’s why self-storage suggest making labels and a list of the items in the four sides of the box to easily identify its contents.
  • Do’s and Don’ts–  Storage units can be dusty or moist when not prepped. The use of plastic sheets, tarps and pallets on the floor is highly recommended. When you are to store a refrigerator in a storage unit, keep it open to prevent mold and mildew from appearing. Never wrap your items in plastic; the moist that is trapped inside the plastic can lead to damage. In storing your boxes in the storage unit, give an inch of space from the wall to prevent molds and mildew from appearing.

These are just a few of the must know in picking a self-storage. Make sure your items are in good condition even when they’re away from you. You’ll never know when you will need them again. So better keep this little note in mind when storing your items.

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Essential Tips for Choosing and Using a Storage Unit

Are you moving to another house? Is your house undergoing major renovations? If any of these scenarios suits you, you are in need for a storage unit. Renting a self storage unit is your best bet at keeping your possessions safe and secure. There are moving companies that will offer their storage center, but you might be paying more for that compared to finding a unit of your own.

Choosing and using a self storage unit is not as simple as you think. You cannot just put all your stuff in and expect that your things to be in perfect condition the next day you pick them up. A lot can happen in a storage center which is why you should make the right choice of storage facility. More than that, you have to pack your things the right way.

Choosing the Storage Facility

  • Location– If you need to move things frequently, you should pick a storage unit that is close to your home or the place you are moving to.
  • Space– Self storage units come in different sizes so you must know how much space you will need. It will be better to choose a smaller unit and stack your things. This way, you won’t be paying for any unused space.
  • Accessibility– Do you want to access the unit any time of the day? If so, talk to the storage center representative and know if they have any access restrictions and fees.
  • Temperature– If you are storing something delicate, you might need a climate controlled storage unit. Be prepared to pay extra for this feature.

ImagePacking Your Things

  • Boxes– Use boxes with the same size so you can easily stack them. Place the heavier boxes on the bottom.
  • Walkway– You will be busy stacking your boxes but do not forget to leave space for a walkway. Your walkway should make it easy for you to access your things without moving things around.
  • Fill the Box– If you will be using boxes for your things in the storage unit, make sure they are filled up. Put foam or old newspaper inside to avoid boxes collapsing when stacked.
  • Positioning– While the storage center has its own security measures, it won’t harm you to take precautionary measures of your own. Put the more valuable things at the back of the unit and use a high quality lock.
  • No Flammable Things– Never keep combustible products like gasoline or paint thinner inside your self storage unit.

You don’t want to risk the condition of your possessions during home renovations or moving. Follow these tips to avoid storage problems.

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