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Public Storage Space in Jacksonville, FL


There is a high demand on public storage space rentals due to the limited residential and commercial storage space available for ordinary homeowners in Jacksonville, FL. Public storage space is sorted according to various categories: its location, terms of use, as well as types of items stored. Popular categories of storage facilities include indoor storage, outdoor storage, long term storage, short term storage, self storage, climate controlled, and portable storage.

1.       Indoor and Outdoor Storage Space

As the name suggests, indoor storage spaces are housed within an enclosed structure. Indoor storage space normally has common hallways. Each unit has an average size of 25 square feet, which is more or less about twice the size of a normal garage. Indoor storage spaces are more commonly used as a residential storage than a commercial one.

Outdoor storage spaces, on the other hand, are commonly used for storing vehicles. Outdoor storage spaces accommodate boats, motorcycles, RVs, and trucks.

2.       Long-Term and Short-Term Storage

Long-term storage spaces keep possessions for a longer time frame. The set-up, of course, still depends on the life span of the item to be kept. Chemicals, for instance, need a lot of preparation before being accepted into a long term storage space facility. Long-term storage space is commonly used for residential properties that are not used anymore but are not thrown away due to sentimental value.

Meanwhile, short term storage facilities are perfect for people who are leaving town for a small period of time (from a few days to a month). This type of storage space is availed by people who do not want to leave their important belongings at home while they are away in fear of being robbed.

3.       Self Storage Space

Self storage spaces are perhaps the most versatile of all storage spaces. They can be used as a commercial storage and residential storage space.

4.       Climate Controlled Storage Space

Best used for commercial storage purposes, as well as sensitive items such as priceless heirlooms and important documents, climate controlled storage spaces are a bit pricier than the other types of storage spaces in Jackson, FL due to the technology and degree of expertise it requires. Climate controlled storage space in Jackson, FL prevent the occurrence of moisture, mildew, and molds to very important properties.

5.       Portable Storage Space

Portable storage spaces are normally offered as part of tractor-trailer units. Facilities that offer portable storage space and deliver them to a business address or home address whichever may apply. The clients fill the units up and then return them to a centralized holding storage facility.

These are the types of storage space that you may rent depending on your needs. For more information about storage space rentals in Jacksonville, FL, visit the nearest facility in your area.


Jacksonville Storage
10724 Lem Turner Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32218

Storage Space: Assessment and Maintenance


Assessing storage space for your valued items is more than just picking through advertisements and hearsays. A reputable storage space can cope with future needs and maintain security. Being particular with the perks of storage spaces especially this summer season will save you from spending a thousand on transfers and other storage space repairs.


  • A storage space should put in place adequate security measures that can keep you and your items from other untoward events. Make sure that there are security cameras all over the place with a 24-hour surveillance team on watch. Your storage space should have concealing walls and doors so no one can see what’s inside. Alarms and smoke detectors are great deals in security settings to keep personnel on duty alert and alive in the scene.
  • This summer, the climate is one of the enemies you should watch out for. Your items can be easily damaged without proper climate control. Air conditioning is just as important as security systems to preserve the quality of your items.


Packing for your storage space will need an inventory and segregation. Some storage spaces offer packing services but the downside of that is that you are not sure of the security and safety of your items. Here are some quick ways you can organize your stuff:

  • Estimate the value of your items and their insurance policies just in case of unseen damage in the packing process or storage space facility.
  • Invest in good quality sturdy boxes and packing materials. Storage boxes that are perfect for the item size will prolong its quality; another tip is to box everything that you can. Storing items in a storage space without protection will leave them dusty and fragile.
  • Labeling will help your storage space look organized and will serve as your inventory. Making sure that your items in your storage space are still in will ensure complete count.
  • Never attempt to pack heavy items in one large box since it will be impossible to carry and might break.


These are just a few of the things that can ease up the transfer in your storage space. Keep them fit and organized to maximize your storage space.



Ives Dairy Self Storage
20340 NE 15th Court, North Miami Beach, FL. 33179
(305)651 5354

Mini Storage: Solution for Cramped Storage Space


If you find yourself looking at a closet, garage, or any home storage space that is not enough to keep your things organized, DO NOT PANIC. You are not alone. In fact, inadequate home storage space is a dilemma faced by many home owners here in Miami, FL. Fortunately, there is a solution for this kind of problem. Solution in mind: mini storage.

Basically, a mini storage works as an additional storage space where you can store away all the items that you don’t use every day, but you have no intentions of discarding. Items that are stored in mini storage facilities can range from personal memorabilia to seasonal home decorations among many others.

There are many facilities offering storage space for rent in the city. But you have to consider these factors if you are on the lookout for the best mini storage facility in Miami, FL.

1.       High Security. Every storage unit should always be placed under maximum security. The items you own are precious to you and your family, and should be treated with high precaution in terms of protection and security. Check if a facility has ideal security provisions such as fencing, alarms on each storage unit, professional management, roaming patrol, and cameras on site.

2.       Quality Customer Service. A courteous staff assures that your stuff is stored safely. Think of a day care center; will you leave your kids with someone who is not trustworthy and will not put you at ease? Same goes for mini storage. Find a facility that can professionally take care of you, your needs, and your belongings.
3.       Variety. Choose a facility that offers a variety of mini storage units. Not every client is the same, nor do they have the same amount of things to store. This means that it is important for every facility to offer mini storage units in a wide range of sizes. With that, you are assured that the facility has put the welfare of their clients in their priority list.

There are many storage units here in Miami, FL that offer many things. There are units capable of storing household items, personal items, vehicles, and even inventory for contractors and commercial clients. To make your search a lot easier, keep the three factors that we discussed in mind (security, customer service, and variety). You will eventually find the mini storage unit that will fit your storage needs.

Ives Dairy Self Storage
20340 NE 15th Court North Miami Beach, FL 33179

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