Towing in Brandon, FL


There are different types of towing services in Brandon, FL. Doing research and being knowledgeable about these services ensure that you are prepared in the event that you may need such towing services.

  1. Light Duty Towing. Effective for light vehicles, light duty towing involves the rear wheels of vehicles lifted up and attached to the tow truck before taking away to the auto repair shop.
  2. Motorcycle Towing. Used for bikes and motorcycles, motorcycle towing involves a special way of attaching two-wheeled vehicles in the back of the tow truck.
  3. Flatbed Towing. This type of towing service is done to vehicles which cannot be attached to the back of the tow truck. Flatbed towing requires a truck with a flat bed (like very big version of a pickup) and chains to secure the towed vehicle in place.
  4. Heavy Towing. Available for trucks of considerable weight, heavy towing is used for vehicles which are too big to be placed on flatbeds. High endurance trucks similar in size to the trucks to be used are required for this particular towing service to be successful. More time is also required for heavy towing since linking the two trucks via steel cable is a time-consuming process. It is important to choose a qualified towing company if you have heavy towing needs because maneuvering of the disabled vehicle once hitched requires great expertise and precision especially on the part of the driver.

Now that you know the different types of towing services that we have here in Brandon, FL, it is now time to talk about choosing a towing company that will provide such services. It is important to transact with a towing company that employs reputable and skilled tow truck operators. Having appropriate equipment is also an important factor in choosing towing companies. Appropriate and up-to-date technology assure you of accurate and efficient towing services. But of course, all these factors will be in vain if the towing company responds slowly. So make sure that you choose a towing service provider who arrives on the scene and provides assistance as soon as possible.


Clarke Automotive Systems – Brandon
131 Central Drive, Brandon, FL 33510

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